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Romans1by1 is a population database accommodating the people attested in Greek and Roman epigraphic sources. At this point, we cover the entirety of Dacia, Moesia Inferior and Moesia Superior. From Pannonia Superior, we have integrated so far the urban centers of Poetovio, Neviodunum, Siscia, Savaria, Brigetio and Scarbantia. Please keep in mind that the database is a dynamic tool and that our work is in constant progress.

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Details Code ▼ Praenomen Nomen Cognomen/Personal name Father/Master name Inscription code Province
Show 419 Ἡγησαγόρας Μόνιμος 00070MI Moesia Inferior
Show 417 [---]νικος Ἀνθεστηρίος 00068MI Moesia Inferior
Show 416 such Θεόγνητος 00067MI Moesia Inferior
Show 415 Μενίσκος such 00066MI Moesia Inferior
Show 413 Ἄβα Ἑκαταίος 00065MI Moesia Inferior
Show 412 Διογένης Θεόδωρος 00065MI Moesia Inferior
Show 411 Οὔλπιος Δημήτριος 00065MI 00132MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 410 Ἀρτεμίδωρος such 00064MI Moesia Inferior
Show 409 Πάπας? Θεόπομπος 00063ΜΙ Moesia Inferior
Show 408 Φιλόδημος such 00063ΜΙ Moesia Inferior
Show 407 Χενοχάρης Ἑκαταίος 00062MI Moesia Inferior
Show 406 Ἀθηνάδης Ἀπολλόδωρος 00062MI Moesia Inferior
Show 405 Ἀρισταγόρας Ἀπατουριος 00062MI Moesia Inferior
Show 404 Εὐηνωρπίδης Φιλόλαος 00061MI Moesia Inferior
Show 403 such Θεόμβροτος 00061MI Moesia Inferior
Show 402 such [---]υμος 00060MI Moesia Inferior
Show 401 such such 00059MI Moesia Inferior
Show 400 such such 00059MI Moesia Inferior
Show 399 such Καρτερόμαχος 00058MI Moesia Inferior
Show 398 such Ἀπολλόδοτος 00058MI Moesia Inferior
Show 397 Εὐξενίδης Μόνιμος 00057MI Moesia Inferior
Show 396 Ποσείδιππος Ποσείδιππος 00057MI Moesia Inferior
Show 395 Μεγιστίδης Πάντιμος 00056MI Moesia Inferior
Show 394 [---]χαρις Θεόγνητος 00056MI Moesia Inferior
Show 393 Ἀριστομένης such 00056MI Moesia Inferior
Show 392 such Ἡρακλείδες 00055MI Moesia Inferior
Show 391 such Μόνιμος 00055MI Moesia Inferior
Show 390 such Λυσίμαχος 00055MI Moesia Inferior
Show 389 Διοκλής Ἀρτεμίδωρος 00054MI Moesia Inferior
Show 388 Εὐπόλεμος Κλεομέδοντος 00054MI Moesia Inferior
Show 387 Ἑστιαῖος Μικκαλίων 00054MI Moesia Inferior
Show 386 such Χαιρέας 00053MI Moesia Inferior
Show 385 such Θεόμβροτος 00053MI Moesia Inferior
Show 384 such Θεόγνητος 00053MI Moesia Inferior
Show 383 such Διοσκουρίδες 00052MI Moesia Inferior
Show 382 Ἀπατούριος Παρμενίσκος 00052MI Moesia Inferior
Show 381 Διονύσιος Στρουθίον 00050MI Moesia Inferior
Show 380 Ἡγησαγόρας such 00049MI Moesia Inferior
Show 379 Ἀγαθοκλῆς Ἀντίφιλος 00048MI Moesia Inferior
Show 378 Ἀπολλώνιος Κλεόμβροτος 00048MI Moesia Inferior
Show 377 Διονύσιος Βιάνορος 00048MI Moesia Inferior
Show 376 θεοδότος such 00047MI Moesia Inferior
Show 375 Διοσκουρίδης Στρουθίον 00046ΜΙ Moesia Inferior
Show 374 Γλαυκίας Πολύφημος 00046ΜΙ Moesia Inferior
Show 373 Διονύσιος 00045MI Moesia Inferior
Show 372 Ἡφαιστίων Μάτριος 00044MI Moesia Inferior
Show 371 Διονύσιος Ἱέρωνος 00044MI Moesia Inferior
Show 370 Διόδωρος Θρασυκλέος 00043MI Moesia Inferior
Show 369 Πυθοτέλης Ἀρχέλοχος 00043MI Moesia Inferior
Show 368 Θεόκριτος 00043MI Moesia Inferior
Show 367 Ἡρακλείδης Μόνιμος 00042MI Moesia Inferior
Show 366 such Κρατερός 00042MI Moesia Inferior
Show 365 Σώπατρος 00041MI Moesia Inferior
Show 364 Ἀγαθοκλῆς such 00041MI Moesia Inferior
Show 363 Ἀγαθήνωρ Σιμύλος 00040MI Moesia Inferior
Show 362 Διογένης Γλαυκιας 00040MI Moesia Inferior
Show 361 such ῾Aρμόδιος 00040MI Moesia Inferior
Show 358 Κλαδαῖος 00039MI Moesia Inferior
Show 357 Victoria Gemina 00015D Dacia
Show 356 Marcus Victorius ...anio 00015D Dacia
Show 355 Marcus Valerius Longinus Marcus 00015D Dacia
Show 354 Caius Terentius Atticus 00013GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 353 Postumus Hermes 00017GS Germania Superior
Show 352 Quintus Postumus Hyginus 00017GS Germania Superior
Show 351 Numerius Seius Ga[---] 00038MI Moesia Inferior
Show 350 Lucius Papirius Olymphicus 00038MI Moesia Inferior
Show 349 Marcus Atalus Placidus 00038MI Moesia Inferior
Show 348 Flavia Asclepiodota 00023PS Pannonia Superior
Show 347 Septimius Diomedus 00023PS Pannonia Superior
Show 346 Virilis 00009BRIT Britannia
Show 344 Iucundus Marcus Terentius 00016GS Germania Superior
Show 343 Gaius 00015GS Germania Superior
Show 341 Pientius 00014GS Germania Superior
Show 339 Sarmanna 00014GS Germania Superior
Show 336 Quintus Avitius Hermetius 00013GS Germania Superior
Show 334 Laurentius 00001SIC Sicilia
Show 332 Victor 00005GL Gallia Lugdunensis
Show 331 Gaius Rufus Eutactius 00004GL Gallia Lugdunensis
Show 329 Metilia Donata 00003GL Gallia Lugdunensis
Show 326 Bononius Gordus 00002GL Gallia Lugdunensis
Show 324 Phlegon 00001GL Gallia Lugdunensis
Show 323 Marcus ... ... 00002AQ Aquitania
Show 321 Flavius Pollianus Eburius 00001AQ Aquitania
Show 320 Quintus Fulvius Rusticus 00009BAET Baetica
Show 319 Publius Frontinus Sciscola 00008BAET Baetica
Show 318 Nymphus 00007BAET Baetica
Show 317 Lucius Iulius Protogenes 00006BAET Baetica
Show 316 Telemachus 00005BAET Baetica
Show 314 Valerius Eros 00004BAET Baetica
Show 312 Marcus Fulvius Icarus 00003BAET Baetica
Show 310 Ianuarius Domitius Perca 00002BAET Baetica
Show 309 Albanius Artemidorus 00001BAET Baetica
Show 307 Iulia Saturnina 00007PS Pannonia Superior
Show 306 Lucius Cordius Symphorus 00002LUS Lusitania
Show 304 Caius Attius Ianuarius 00001LUS Lusitania
Show 303 Antonus 00005BELG Belgica
Show 302 Sacinus 00004BELG Belgica
Show 301 Marcus Iunius Lunarus 00003BELG Belgica
Show 300 Sextus Fabius Asclepiades 00002BELG Belgica
Show 299 Marcellanus 00001BELG Belgica
Show 297 Lucius Pomponius Diocles Lucius 00012GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 295 Publius Lucceius Menes Philinus 00011GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 292 Heraclides Xsanthermus 00010GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 291 Sextus Fadius Sextus 00009GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 290 Auctus 00008GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 289 Flavia Hedones 00007GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 288 Caius Antistius Anti... 00006GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 286 Titus Cominius Gratus 00005GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 283 Marcus Apronius Eutropius 00004GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 282 Iulianus ...olanus 00003GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 280 Dionysius 00002GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 279 Lucius Suestilius Aphrodisius Lucius 00001GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 276 Tiberius Claudius Onitius 00005HC Hispania Citerior
Show 275 Tiberius Claudius Apollinaris Tiberius Claudius Onitius 00005HC Hispania Citerior
Show 273 Lucius Sempronius Apollonius 00004HC Hispania Citerior
Show 272 Publius Sicinius Eutychus Publius 00003HC Hispania Citerior
Show 270 Philumenus 00002HC Hispania Citerior
Show 269 Ambata Verans 00001HC Hispania Citerior
Show 267 Tiberius Ingenuus Satto Sabinianus 00012GS Germania Superior
Show 266 Caius Sentius Diadumenus 00011GS Germania Superior
Show 265 Marcus Rubrius Leonta Marcus 00006GI Germania Inferior
Show 264 Divos 00005GI Germania Inferior
Show 263 Lucius Hei... 00005DAL Dalmatia
Show 262 Marcus 00007BRIT Britannia
Show 261 Marcus Octavius Domitius 00037MI Moesia Inferior
Show 260 Lisame Polla 00037MI Moesia Inferior
Show 259 Marcus Octavius Aper Firmus 00037MI Moesia Inferior
Show 258 Aelius 00036MI Moesia Inferior
Show 257 Aelius Aurelianus 00036MI Moesia Inferior
Show 256 Quintus Erucius Victorus ? 00035MI Moesia Inferior
Show 255 00009MS Moesia Superior
Show 254 Aelia Latina 00009MS Moesia Superior
Show 253 Titus Aelius Martialis 00009MS Moesia Superior
Show 251 Sextus Pompeius Carpus 00018PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 248 Aelius Munatius 00017PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 247 Septimius Bauleus 00016PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 245 Titus Aurelius Numerius 00015PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 243 Hermina ? 00014PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 241 Septimius Iulianus 00013PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 240 Lucius Peticius Technicus 00022PS Pannonia Superior
Show 239 Aurelius Proculinus 00021PS Pannonia Superior
Show 238 Aurelius Rufinus 00021PS Pannonia Superior
Show 237 Aurelia Iezena 00021PS Pannonia Superior
Show 236 Aurelia Anna 00020PS Pannonia Superior
Show 235 Aurelius Augustus 00020PS Pannonia Superior
Show 234 Aurelia Carina 00020PS Pannonia Superior
Show 233 Plotia Ulpia 00019PS Pannonia Superior
Show 232 Aelius Sabinus 00019PS Pannonia Superior
Show 231 Cliternius Pacatius 00018PS Pannonia Superior
Show 230 Flavia Secunda 00018PS Pannonia Superior
Show 229 Cliternia 00018PS Pannonia Superior
Show 228 Lucius Cliternius Lucius 00018PS Pannonia Superior
Show 227 Mucia Corinthia 00017PS Pannonia Superior
Show 226 Marcus Mucius Hegetor 00017PS Pannonia Superior
Show 225 Victoria Verina 00016PS Pannonia Superior
Show 224 Aemilius Deciminus 00016PS Pannonia Superior
Show 222 Lucius Caelius Arrianus 00001IT Italia
Show 221 00002RAET Raetia
Show 220 Ulpius Lucilianus 00001RAET Raetia
Show 219 Lucius Vireius Dexter 00010GS Germania Superior
Show 215 Respectius Servandus 00009GS Germania Superior
Show 213 ...ius Regulus 00008GS Germania Superior
Show 211 Marcus Ulpius Telesphorus 00001ET Etruria
Show 210 Priscus 00007GS Germania Superior
Show 208 Titus Flavius Processus 00006GS Germania Superior
Show 207 Ulpius Iulianus 00005GS Germania Superior
Show 206 Caius Deccius 00004GI Germania Inferior
Show 205 Lucius Fabius Anthius 00004GS Germania Superior
Show 204 Iunius Valens 00003GS Germania Superior
Show 202 Marcus Rubrius Zosimus 00002GS Germania Superior
Show 199 Tiberius Claudius Hymnus 00001GS Germania Superior
Show 196 Caius Calventius Omuius 00003GI Germania Inferior
Show 193 Ioctauno 00002GI Germania Inferior
Show 192 Marcus Sabinianus Quietus 00001GI Germania Inferior
Show 191 Antiochus 00006BRIT Britannia
Show 190 Axios 00005BRIT Britannia
Show 189 Virilis 00004BRIT Britannia
Show 188 Hermogenes 00003BRIT Britannia
Show 187 Marcus Aurelius ...ocomas 00002BRIT Britannia
Show 186 Anicius Ingenuus 00001BRIT Britannia
Show 185 Furius Octavius 00008MS Moesia Superior
Show 184 Florentia 00008MS Moesia Superior
Show 180 Titus Torius Gemellianus 00012PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 176 Caius Iulius Filetonius 00011PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 174 Titus Aurelius Numerius 00010PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 173 Corinthus 00009PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 172 Tiberius Martius Castrensis 00008PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 171 Marcus Muluius 00015PS Pannonia Superior
Show 170 Marcus Muluius Pro[---] 00015PS Pannonia Superior
Show 169 Marcus Muluius Ama 00015PS Pannonia Superior
Show 168 Marcus Muluius 00015PS Pannonia Superior
Show 167 Muluius 00015PS Pannonia Superior
Show 166 Marcius Marcellus 00007PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 165 Caius Cominius 00014PS Pannonia Superior
Show 164 Titus Cominius 00014PS Pannonia Superior
Show 163 Lucius Cominius Firmus Titus 00014PS Pannonia Superior
Show 162 Flavius Constantius 00006PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 161 Hilarus 00012PS Pannonia Superior
Show 160 Laeta 00012PS Pannonia Superior
Show 159 Veneranda 00012PS Pannonia Superior
Show 158 Gaetulicianus 00012PS Pannonia Superior
Show 157 Gaetulicus 00012PS Pannonia Superior
Show 156 Lucius Iulius Faustus 00011PS Pannonia Superior
Show 155 Lucius Iulius Optatus 00011PS Pannonia Superior
Show 154 Primitivus Octavarum (family) 00010PS Pannonia Superior
Show 153 Aelia Valeriana 00010PS Pannonia Superior
Show 152 Aelius Tertius 00009PS Pannonia Superior
Show 151 Baccius 00004DAL Dalmatia
Show 150 Placentinus 00004DAL Dalmatia
Show 149 Peregrinus Quintus Asinus 00008PS Pannonia Superior
Show 148 Titus 00005PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 147 Secundinus 00007PS Pannonia Superior
Show 146 Launionus 00007PS Pannonia Superior
Show 145 Aurelia Irene 00006PS Pannonia Superior
Show 144 Nammius Quintus 00006PS Pannonia Superior
Show 143 [---] 00004PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 142 Valiris Martialis 00003PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 141 Irene 00007MS Moesia Superior
Show 140 Albinus Iuliorum (sic!, family) 00007MS Moesia Superior
Show 139 Albina 00007MS Moesia Superior
Show 138 Anicetus 00006MS Moesia Superior
Show 137 Patamilla 00006MS Moesia Superior
Show 136 Eutychius 00006MS Moesia Superior
Show 135 Furius Octavianus 00006MS Moesia Superior
Show 134 Florentia Furius Octavianus 00006MS Moesia Superior
Show 133 Severus 00005MS Moesia Superior
Show 132 Maximus 00005MS Moesia Superior
Show 131 Ennius Si.. 00005MS Moesia Superior
Show 130 Libonia Caius Libonius 00005MS Moesia Superior
Show 129 Publius Aelius Valerianus 00004MS Moesia Superior
Show 128 Caius Refidius Rufus 00003MS Moesia Superior
Show 127 Caius Refidius Eutychus Caius 00003MS Moesia Superior
Show 126 Pascasius ? 00003DAL Dalmatia
Show 124 Aelia Sotera 00002DAL Dalmatia
Show 121 Thelonicus 00001DAL Dalmatia
Show 120 Aurelius Crescentius 00002MS Moesia Superior
Show 119 Untel Untel 00031MI Moesia Inferior
Show 117 Titus Rascanius Fortunatus 00030MI Moesia Inferior
Show 116 Veturius 00029MI Moesia Inferior
Show 115 Marcellus 00028MI Moesia Inferior
Show 114 Σκίρτος 00027MI Moesia Inferior
Show 113 Ὀρέστης̣ 00026MI Moesia Inferior
Show 112 Ἀργοῦτος 00026MI Moesia Inferior
Show 111 Σόφων 00025MI Moesia Inferior
Show 110 Ὀφέλλις Λόνγος 00025MI Moesia Inferior
Show 109 Ἀμάραντος 00025MI Moesia Inferior
Show 108 Ἄτταλος 00024MI Moesia Inferior
Show 107 Εὐφροσύνῃ 00023MI Moesia Inferior
Show 106 Ἰούλιος Φρόντων 00023MI Moesia Inferior
Show 105 Καστρήσιος 00023MI Moesia Inferior
Show 104 Ἀγροῖκος 00022MI Moesia Inferior
Show 102 Λούκιος Ζουραζεις Οὐαλέριος 00020MI Moesia Inferior
Show 101 such 00019MI Moesia Inferior
Show 76 such Σαμβαθίων 00016MI Moesia Inferior
Show 75 Ποντιανός 00016MI Moesia Inferior
Show 74 Lucius Freius Faustus Lucius 00015MI Moesia Inferior
Show 73 Aelius Macedo 00014MI Moesia Inferior
Show 72 Γάιος Βιάνωρ 00013MI Moesia Inferior
Show 66 Spatalus 00014D Dacia
Show 65 Caius Iulius Rufinus 00014D Dacia
Show 64 Caius Iulius Valentinus 00013D Dacia
Show 63 Iulius Omucio 00013D Dacia
Show 62 Publius Aelius Aelianus 00012D Dacia
Show 61 Aelia Epictesis 00012D Dacia
Show 60 Piperas Timostratus 00012D Dacia
Show 59 Zoilianus 00011D Dacia
Show 58 Eros Zoticus 00010D Dacia
Show 57 Marcus Cocceius Lucius 00009D Dacia
Show 56 Diogenes 00008D Dacia
Show 55 Claudius Saturninus 00007D Dacia
Show 54 Publius Aelius Marius 00006D Dacia
Show 53 Hermadio Turanius 00006D Dacia
Show 52 Quintus Philippicus Quintus 00011MI Moesia Inferior
Show 51 Titius Titus 00011MI Moesia Inferior
Show 50 Antonius Antonius 00011MI Moesia Inferior
Show 49 Titius Domninus 00005PS Pannonia Superior
Show 48 Titius Ursinianus 00005PS Pannonia Superior
Show 47 Titius Domninius 00005PS Pannonia Superior
Show 46 Ἑρμογένης 00010MI Moesia Inferior
Show 45 such 00010MI Moesia Inferior
Show 44 such 00010MI Moesia Inferior
Show 43 Ἐπιφανία 00010MI Moesia Inferior
Show 41 Θεόκριτος Θεόκριτος 00008MI Moesia Inferior
Show 40 Ῥουφεῖνα Ἰάσων 00008MI Moesia Inferior
Show 39 Valeria Lucilla 00004PS Pannonia Superior
Show 38 Aurelius Martialis 00004PS Pannonia Superior
Show 37 Iulius Senilis 00003PS Pannonia Superior
Show 33 [---] 00001MS Moesia Superior
Show 32 Antonius Barbilus 00002PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 30 Aurelius Ermes 00001PI Pannonia Inferior
Show 29 Ἀκάδ[---] 00007MI Moesia Inferior
Show 28 [---]πιος Σέππον 00006MI Moesia Inferior
Show 27 Μητρόδωρος Γάϊος 00005MI Moesia Inferior
Show 26 [---] Στρατοκλεῦς 00004MI Moesia Inferior
Show 22 Iulius [---] 00001MI Moesia Inferior
Show 21 Iulius Iero 00001MI Moesia Inferior
Show 19 Aurelius Alexander 00005D Dacia
Show 18 Titus Aurelius Narcissus 00004D Dacia
Show 17 Caius Valerius Maximus 00003D Dacia
Show 14 Aelius Primitivus 00001D Dacia
Show 13 Aelius Iulianus 00001D Dacia
Show 12 Iulia Priscilla 00001D Dacia
Show 11 Primus Aelius Ionicus 00001D Dacia