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Details of person Publius

ID: 583

Praenomen: Publius

Nomen: Aelius

Cognomen/Personal name: Antipater

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Religious position: yes

Sacerdotal office: Flamen

Imperial priest: yes

Imperial priest details: Sacerdos Arae Augusti in Sarmizegetusa

Deities: [[[Numini Imp(eratoris?) Caes(aris?)]]] / [[---]] / Geni[o Daciar(um)]

Dedicated for: yes

Dedicated by: yes

Inscriptions: 00058DS 00932DS 01400DS 01399DS 01563DS

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Local Magistrate: true

Local Magistrate details: IIvir Coloniae Apulensis

Decurion: true

City/Town: Apulum

Observations: First inscription in chronological order: IDR III/5 215: IIvir in Colonia Apulensis. Second inscription is from Băile Herculane: IDR III/1 65, and was dedicated by his slave, Eutyches. The third inscription mentions that he was Flamen in Colonia Apulensis and Sacerdos Arae Augusti (the inscription from IDR III/5, 210 mentions only his position as sacerdos Ara Augusti) in Sarmizegetusa. The inscription from Sarmizegetusa was dedicated later than the ones at Apulum and Băile Herculane, as these do not include important titles, which the dedicator or his slave would surely have mentioned.


Relation Type Related person
PatronusOf 9699 Onesimus
HusbandOf 9700 Antonia Iulia
FatherOf 9701 Aelius Antipater
FatherOf 9702 Aelius Iulianus
FatherOf 9703 Publius Aelius Genialis
FatherOf 9704 Aelia Iulia
PatronusOf 6800 Eutyches
SonOf 11083 Publius Aelius Antipater Marcellus