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Romans 1by1 is a population database recording people identified in Greek and Roman epigraphy. The areas integrally covered at this point are the provinces of Moesia Inferior, Moesia Superior and Dacia. From Pannonia Superior, we have integrated so far the urban centers of Poetovio, Neviodunum, Siscia, Savaria, Brigetio and Scarbantia.

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Romans 1by1 is a dynamic tool and can be considered a constant work in progress If you encounter any errors or broken functionality, please get in touch with the editors (Contact Us). User feedback is vital for the successful development of the platform.

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The information available through Romans 1by1 is published under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.

Citation model: copy URL link for the personal file (as, where 526 is the person’s unique ID)