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Details Inscription code Type of inscription Language Material Relevant expressions Stylistic details Observations Province Place of discovery Place of provenience Ancient name provenience Timestamp/Timeframe External links TM ID Bibliography
Show 00003D Votive Latin Limestone
Dacia Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa 101-250 AD
Show 00003DAL Funerary Latin sarcophagus
too late for us, but interesting
Dalmatia Solin Solin Salona 6th C. AD
Show 00003DS Votive Latin Marble votum solvit libens merito
Dacia Superior Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa 2nd - 3rd C AD
Show 00003DP Honorific Latin Limestone
Dacia Porolissensis Bologa Bologa Rucconium? 2nd-3rd c. AD
Show 00003DI Funerary Latin Limestone
Dacia Inferior Zegaia Unknown Unknown 2nd - 3rd C AD