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Details of person Μᾶρκος

ID: 495

Praenomen: Μᾶρκος

Nomen: Οὔλπιος

Cognomen/Personal name: Ἀρτεμίδωρος

Father/Master: Εὐξενίδης

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Religious position: yes

Imperial priest: yes

Deities: Μίθρας

Details of life/death: He was a Roman citizen, of Greek origin. He was the ποντάρχ̣ης of the Hexapolis (Histria, Tomis, Callatis, Apollonia, Dionysopolis, Mesambria) and a member of the Gerousia at Histria. The following inscriptions mention him: ISM I 178, 179, 180, 193, 207, 208.

Dedicated by: yes

Inscriptions: 00096MI 00146MI 00145MI 00132MI 00120MI 00119MI 00118MI

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Local Magistrate: true


Relation Type Related person
FatherOf 746 Κάρπος