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Details Inscription code Type of inscription Language Material Relevant expressions Stylistic details Observations Province Place of discovery Place of provenience Ancient name provenience Timestamp/Timeframe External links TM ID Bibliography
Show 00012D Funerary Latin
Dacia Moldova Nouă 2-3 C. AD
Show 00012DAL Votive Latin
Dalmatia Makarska 151-300 AD
Show 00012DS Votive Latin Bronze dono dedit tabula ansata
Dacia Superior Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa 2nd - 3rd C AD
Show 00012DP Votive Latin Bronze
Dacia Porolissensis Miszkow Buciumi Docidava? end of 2nd-beginning of 3rd c. AD
Show 00012DI Votive Latin Limestone ex votum posuerunt
Dacia Inferior Galicea Mare Unknown Unknown 2nd - 3rd C AD