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Details of person

ID: 553

Nomen: Domitius

Cognomen/Personal name: Onesimus

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Libertus/-a: yes

Collegium/Association: yes

Type of Association: Ordo Augustalium

Deities: Genio Ordinis; Minerva Augusta; Concordia ordinis

Dedicated for: yes

Inscriptions: 00032DS 00033DS 00034DS

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Observations: IDR III/2, 219: Genio ordinis IDR III/2, 271: Minerva Augusta IDR III/2, 195: Concordia ordinis


Relation Type Related person
FreedmanOf 548 Ulpius Domitius Hermes
Unspecified relationshipOf (M) 549 Valerius Threptus
Co-worker/associateOf (M) 550 Domitius Regulus
Co-worker/associateOf (M) 551 Domitius Hipponicus
Co-worker/associateOf (M) 552 Domitius Hermes