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Details Inscription code Type of inscription Language Material Relevant expressions Stylistic details Observations Province Place of discovery Place of provenience Ancient name provenience Timestamp/Timeframe External links TM ID Bibliography
Show 00004D Votive Latin
Dacia Alba Iulia Alba Iulia Apulum 171-270 AD
Show 00004DAL Funerary Latin
Dalmatia Solin Solin Salona
Show 00004DS Votive Latin Marble votum solvit
Dacia Superior Bretea Română Sarmizegetusa Sarmizegetusa 2nd - 3rd C AD
Show 00004DP Honorific Latin Limestone
Found in the Principia in 1964. Dating difference between the ruling period of the governor and the emperor for whom the inscription was dedicated, namely Septimius Severus.
Dacia Porolissensis Buciumi Buciumi Rucconium? 213-215 AD
Show 00004DI Funerary Latin Limestone
Dacia Inferior Izvoru Bârzii Unknown Unknown 3rd C AD