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Details of person

ID: 413

Cognomen/Personal name: Ἄβα

Father/Master: Ἑκαταίος

Local Citizenship: Histria

Gender: Female

Details of life/death: She was one of Histria's benefactresses, who came from a family of benefactors. Her input to the City of Histria was divers. It may be possible that Aba's father was dead at the time of the honorific decree, and no other male heir could continue the tradition. Her husband probably came from a less important family, although he was priest of Dionysos Karpophoros, just as her father. She bears a Lallname

Dedicated for: yes

Inscriptions: 00065MI

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Relation Type Related person
DaughterOf 449 Ἑκαταίος
WifeOf 450 Ἡράκων