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Romans1by1 is a population database accommodating the people attested in Greek and Roman epigraphic sources. At this point, we cover the entirety of Dacia, Moesia Inferior and Moesia Superior. From Pannonia Superior, we have integrated so far the urban centers of Poetovio, Neviodunum, Siscia, Savaria, Brigetio and Scarbantia. Please keep in mind that the database is a dynamic tool and that our work is in constant progress.

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Details Code ▼ Praenomen Nomen Cognomen/Personal name Father/Master name Inscription code Province
Show 3017 Iulius Florus 00257MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3014 Flavius Secundus 00256MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3013 Valerius Cutiunis 00256MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3012 Tiberius Firmus 00256MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3009 Dotus Zinebtus 00255MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3008 Mucatralis Dolus 00255MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3007 [---] 00254MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3006 Lupus T[---] 00254MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3003 Cocceius Firmus 00253MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3002 Genicius Brinus 00253MI Moesia Inferior
Show 3001 Iulius Geminus 00253MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2999 Claudius Ianuarius 00252MI 00254MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2998 Mucaporus Ditugentus 00252MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2997 Aelius Bellicus 00252MI 00255MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2994 Servilius Primigenius 00251MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2993 Durisse Bithus 00251MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2992 Claudius Caius 00251MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2989 Terentius Maternus 00250MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2988 Bizienis 00250MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2987 Tiberius Saturninus 00250MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2986 Cocceius Phoebus 00249MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2985 Derzenus Aulupor 00249MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2984 Sulpicius Narcissus 00249MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2983 Titus Claudius Mucianus 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2982 Caius Ulpius Valens 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2981 [---] Aurelius Amandus 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2980 [---] Valerius Vitalianus 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2979 [---] Ulpius Potens 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2978 Marcus Aurelius Dionysius 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2977 Marcus Aurelius Sabinianus 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2976 Aelius Aurelius Aelius Atticus 00248MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2973 Caius [---] Postuminus 00247MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2972 Lucius Flavius Honoratus Lucilianus 00246MI 02116MI 01757MI 01098MI 01039MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2971 Marcus Servilius Fabianus Maximus 00245MI 01127MI 00961MI 00415MI 01890MI 01293MI 02193MI 02092MI 00915MS Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Superior
Show 2970 Titus Statilius Iulius Severus 00244MI 01823MI 02210MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2969 such 00243MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2968 such 00243MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2967 such such 00242MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2964 Διομήδης Διομήδης 00240MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2963 Ζωίλων Διογένης 00239MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2962 Διογένης Ζωΐλος 00239MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2961 Mucatrio Seuto 00238MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2960 Mama 00237MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2959 such 00236MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2958 such 00235MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2957 such such 00235MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2956 such 00235MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2955 Ἀρτεμίδωρος Χρύσιππος 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2954 Σιδηρος Χρύσιππος 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2953 Ζούθις Χρύσιππος 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2952 Ἀρίστων Χρύσιππος 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2951 Πώμη Ἀρίστων 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2950 Χρύσιππος Σιδηρος 00234MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2949 Aelius Severianus 00233MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2948 Aelius Victor 00233MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2947 such 00232MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2946 such 00232MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2945 such 00232MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2944 such 00231MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2943 Sulpicianus Timocrates 00230MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2942 Aurelia Firmina 00229MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2941 Aurelia Vettia 00229MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2940 Aurelius Firmus 00229MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2939 such 00228MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2938 Κουτιλης Ἀπφοῦς 00228MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2937 such 00227MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2936 such 00227MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2935 Caius Ulpius [---] 00226MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2934 Αὐρήλιος Χρήστος 00225MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2933 Ἰουλία Καλλιοτέρα 00225MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2932 Ἰουλία Γλυκένα 00225MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2931 Ἰούλιος Σατουρνεῖνος 00225MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2930 Αἰσχρίων Ἀρισταγόρας 00224MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2929 such Αἰσχρίων 00224MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2928 Ἀπφία Φίλιππος 00224MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2927 Δημήτριος 00223MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2926 Δημήτριος Δημήτριος 00223MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2925 such 00222MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2924 such 00222MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2923 Μῖκος 00221MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2922 Ἀπελλᾶς Ἀπελλᾶς 00220MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2921 Ἀπολλώνιος Δατειζις 00219MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2920 Crispus Mar[-ius/-cius] 00218MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2919 Mar[-ius/-cius] 00218MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2918 Αὐρήλιος Μᾶρκος 00217MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2917 Ἀπολλινάρις Δολιχηνάρις 00217MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2916 Cornelius 00216MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2915 Victor Cornelius 00216MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2914 Claudia Sabina? 00215MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2913 Lucius? Aelius? Severinus 00215MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2912 Iustinus(a?) 00214MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2911 Valerius Iustinus 00214MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2910 Asholes 00213MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2909 Campanus 00213MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2908 Ulpius Felix 00212MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2907 Aurelia Faustina 00212MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2906 Marcus Vettius Felix 00212MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2905 Aufidia Avita 00210MI 00211MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2904 Ulpius Latinus 00210MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2903 Ἀλέσανδρος Ἡρακλέων 00209MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2902 Ἀλεσάνδρα Ἀλέσανδρος 00209MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2901 Πολέμων Νουμήνιος 00208MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2900 Titinius Iamuaris such 00207MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2899 Titinius Severinus such 00207MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2898 such 00207MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2897 such 00206MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2896 Σέξτος 00206MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2895 such Ἀριστοκράτης 00205MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2894 such Ἀριστοκράτης 00205MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2893 such 00204MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2892 ... Lenon 00123GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2891 Viator 00011SIC Sicilia
Show 2890 Telesphorus 00010SIC Sicilia
Show 2888 Rogatus 00004SAR Sardinia
Show 2886 Eulogus 00009SIC Sicilia
Show 2881 Valerius Pri[---] Tertius 00122GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2880 Petrus Alexandrinus 00008SIC Sicilia
Show 2879 Delicatus 00007SIC Sicilia
Show 2878 Flamma 00007SIC Sicilia
Show 2877 Apolausus 00003SAR Sardinia
Show 2876 Theon 00003SAR Sardinia
Show 2875 Docimus 00003SAR Sardinia
Show 2871 Lucius Iulius Ponticus 00001SAR Sardinia
Show 2869 Caius Vistilius Rufus Caius 00006SIC Sicilia
Show 2868 Gallicanus 00005SIC Sicilia
Show 2866 Lucius Squeilanius Faustus Lucius 00121GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2863 Publius Usulenus Anoptes Hilara 00120GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2861 Anteros 00119GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2859 [---] 00118GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2855 [---]lius Alexander Lucius 00117GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2854 Lucius Salonius Hilarus Lucius et Publius 00116GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2852 [---] 00115GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2850 Decimus Voltilius Auctus 00114GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2844 [---] Rufus 00113GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2841 Publius Albius [---]cinus Albia 00112GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2840 Cnaeus Domitus Auctus 00111GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2837 Lucius Decumius Felix Lucius 00110GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2834 Lucius Aponius Eros Celatus 00109GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2829 Publius Gallonius Capito Publius 00108GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2827 Caius Valerius Gemellus 00107GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2826 [---]va 00106GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2824 Lucius Optatus Aponius Lucius 00105GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2822 [---] Rufio N[---] 00104GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2819 Valerius Iulianus 00004SIC Sicilia
Show 2818 Caius Iulius Primius 00003SIC Sicilia
Show 2816 Lucius Cornelius Campestrus 00002SIC Sicilia
Show 2813 Classicus 00001AP Alpes Poeninae
Show 2812 Daphnus 00001AP Alpes Poeninae
Show 2810 Aulus Turranius Niger 00103GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2809 Marcus Fabius Gi[---] Marcus 00102GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2808 Sextus Karius Felix Sextus 00101GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2807 Sextus Karius Rufus Marcus 00101GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2804 [---] [---] 00100GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2802 Publius Granius Communis Publius 00099GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2801 Quintus Flavius Primus Quintus 00098GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2800 Titus Attius Quartus 00097GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2798 Sextus Vibius Pamphilus Sextus 00095GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2796 Cnaeus Pompeius Probus 00094GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2794 Cornelia Publius 00093GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2793 Niger 00092GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2789 Titus Olitius Hermes 00091GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2786 Marcus Coelius Onesimus Marcus 00090GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2784 Decimus Uleius Auctus Decimus 00089GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2783 Lucius Gaienina Masclus 00088GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2782 Mustus Surito 00087GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2781 Marcus Aurelius Vo[---] 00086GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2779 Publius Licinius Licinus Publius 00085GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2777 Marcus Accius Primus Marcus 00084GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2775 Lucius Autronius Rufus Lucius 00083GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2773 Aulus Sempronius Laetus Callaecus 00081GN 00082GN Gallia Narbonensis Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2772 Caius Autronius Caius 00080GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2771 Publius Usienius Primulus 00079GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2770 Lucius Braetius Litorinus 00078GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2768 Caius Rabirius Hilarius 00076GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2767 Lucius Baebius Lepidus 00075GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2766 Caius Offellius Zetus Caius 00074GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2765 Caius Vettienus Titus 00073GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2764 Lucius Nerfinius Primus Potitius 00072GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2763 Lucius Sabidius Capito Lucius 00071GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2762 Caius Nigidius Primus 00070GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2761 Quintus Baebius Tertius 00069GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2760 Ἱερώνυμος Μενίσκος 00203MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2759 Μειδίας Ἀρισταῖος 00202MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2758 Ἀρτεμίδωρος 00201MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2757 such 00201MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2756 such such 00200MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2755 such [Διονύ]σιος 00200MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2754 Πρώτη ῾Ηρόδοτος 00199MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2753 Νουμήνιε Ἑστιαίος 00198MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2752 Πρωταγόρας 00197MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2751 such 00197MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2750 Εὄφημος 00196MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2749 Ἀπολλόδωρος Διοπείθης 00195MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2748 Ναυσικλῆς Λέων 00194MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2747 [Πολυ]αίνετ[ος] Φαῖδρος 00193MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2746 Μι[---] Μειδίας 00192MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2745 Ἑστιαῖος Μοιρόδωρος 00191MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2744 Νόνος 00190MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2743 L[ucius] Op[onius] A[---] 00499DS Dacia Superior
Show 2742 Cornelius R[---] 00498DS Dacia Superior
Show 2741 Aurelius Belzius 00497DS Dacia Superior
Show 2740 [---] [---] 00496DS Dacia Superior
Show 2739 Νικίας Νικίας 00189MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2738 Victorinus 00495DS Dacia Superior
Show 2737 Victorinus Fortis 00494DS Dacia Superior
Show 2736 Stephanus 00493DS Dacia Superior
Show 2735 Theotimus 00493DS Dacia Superior
Show 2734 Primus 00492DS Dacia Superior
Show 2733 [Αἰσχί]νης [Χαίρων] 00188MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2732 Diocles 00491DS Dacia Superior
Show 2731 Crat[---] Davio[---] 00490DS Dacia Superior
Show 2730 Εὐηνωρπίδης? Ἀριστοκλῆς?/Ἀριστόνικος? 00187MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2729 Cemeius 00489DS Dacia Superior
Show 2728 Attenia Cyttonis 00488DS Dacia Superior
Show 2727 Διοπείθης 00186MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2726 Marcus 00487DS Dacia Superior
Show 2725 Δημω 00186MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2724 Μητρόδωρος Ἀρχέλοχος 00185MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2723 Aelius Iulianus 00486DS Dacia Superior
Show 2722 C[aius] V[alerius] C[atullinus] 00485DS Dacia Superior
Show 2721 Ἀρίστων Παυσανίας 00184MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2720 C[aius] S[---] V[---] 00484DS Dacia Superior
Show 2719 Περικλῆς 00183MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2718 Πρώτη 00183MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2717 M[---] Servius Donatus 00483DS Dacia Superior
Show 2716 Εὐρυνόμη such 00182MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2715 Αἰσχίνης Ἀντικράτης 00182MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2714 S[extus?] Q[---] V[---] 00482DS Dacia Superior
Show 2713 Ἀμεινίας Φερεκλῆς 00182MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2712 Marcus 00480DS Dacia Superior
Show 2711 Publius Aelius Val[---] 00481DS Dacia Superior
Show 2710 Ἀπόλλα Ἐλπιος 00181MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2709 Πολ[---] Εὐ[---] 00180MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2708 Ἀπολλόδωρος 00179MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2707 such 00179MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2706 Τίβειος 00178MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2705 Σαίνη 00178MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2704 Ἀγα[θήνωρ] Δη[μοχάρης] 00177MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2703 Αὐξησιλεώ ῾Ηφαιστοκλῆς 00176MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2702 Ἀρτεμίδωρος Θεοκλῆς 00175MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2701 Ἡρώνυμος Διαγόρας 00174MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2700 Ἡγησαγόρας 00173MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2699 Ἄρτις 00173MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2698 Ἀντίπατρος 00171MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2697 [---]σιη 00171MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2696 Διόφαντος 00170MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2695 Νικήτης Σωκλῆς 00170MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2694 Θόας ῾Ηρόδοτος 00169MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2693 Ἡγήσανδρος Ἀλέξανδρος 00168MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2692 Ἡδίστη Εὐαγόρας 00167MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2691 Marcus Ulpius Novantico Adcobrovatus 00095DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2690 Senecia Rellictus 00093DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2689 Aprio Imen[---] 00093DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2688 [---]B?ASAV 00092DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2687 HE[---] 00091DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2686 [---]IAC?[---] 00090DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2685 Publius Aelius Gula 00089DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2684 Victoria Afra 00089DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2683 Iu[l]ius? Rufus 00088DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2682 [---]tiniae [E]utyche 00088DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2681 [---]IIAP[---] 00087DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2680 [---u]s Terti[us] E[---] 00087DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2679 Salmas Rami 00086DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2678 M[---] 00085DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2677 Cassius Martialis 00084DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2676 Iulia Iustina 00084DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2675 Ostilia [---]ta 00083DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2674 Ostilia 00083DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2673 Germanus 00082DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2672 Ἡδύλ[ος] 00081DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2671 Erastus 00080DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2670 Peregrinus 00080DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2669 Eufemus 00080DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2668 Οὔλπιος Π[---] 00166MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2667 Ἀσκληπιάδης 00166MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2666 Αὐρήλιος Χρήστος 00166MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2665 Ἀρίστων 00166MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2664 Θεόφιλος 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2663 Μαξιμίνα Σίσυς 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2662 Κουθιουρας 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2661 Ἀλέξανδρος 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2660 Ἀπολλώνιος 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2659 Ἀλέξανδρος 00165MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2658 Διονύσιος such 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2657 Ἀμω[---] such 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2656 Ἡγησαγόρας such 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2655 Οὔλπιος Ἀττι[---] 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2654 Ἱππόλοχος such 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2653 Ἀρτεμίδωρος such 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2652 Εὐξενίδης Εὐ[---] 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2651 Ἀρτεμίδωρος Ε[---] 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2650 Εὐξείνιος ΛΙ[---] 00164MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2649 Ἀρτεμίδωρος such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2648 Κάρπος such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2647 Αἰσχρίων such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2646 Ἑκαταῖος such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2645 Φαῖδρος such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2644 Διονύσιος such 00163MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2643 Δημήτρις Δημήτριος 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2642 Παπᾶς Λ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2641 Ἀριστομένης Ἀριστόμαχος 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2640 Τίτος Φλάουιος Θαλάσσιος 00162MI 00319MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2639 Ἀγάθων Ἀ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2638 Ἄνδρων Λ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2637 Τούρβων Δ[ιονύσιος] 00162MI 00319MI Moesia Inferior Moesia Inferior
Show 2636 Ποσειδώνιος such 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2635 Δημήτρις Ἀμο[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2634 Νατάλις Πομπονίος 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2633 Δελφικος Μ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2632 Ἀλέξανδρος Ἀρχιδ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2631 Ἀχιλλέυς Ἡ[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2630 Τίτος Ποσι[---] 00162MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2629 such Ἀθηνάδης 00161MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2628 such Ἀρτεμᾶς 00161MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2627 such such 00160MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2626 such Διογένης 00160MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2625 such 00160MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2624 such 00160MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2623 such Αἰσχρίων 00159MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2622 Νεικήρατος Π[---] 00159MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2621 Κάρπος Τερτιος 00159MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2620 Aelius? Iustinus? 00079DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2619 Eustina Afri 00079DP 00179DP Dacia Porolissensis Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2618 Aeli[-a, -us] 00078DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2617 [De]side[ratus?, -rata?] 00078DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2616 Martinus 00077DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2615 Cleopatra 00077DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2614 [A]elius Manenachus 00076DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2613 Bebeia Tyche 00076DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2612 Au[relius?] [---]us 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2611 Aurelia? Sabina 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2610 Aurelius [---] 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2609 Aelia [---] 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2608 Aurelius? Passer 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2607 [---]us 00075DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2606 A[u]relius Dext[er] 00074DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2605 Aurel(ius;-ia) 00073DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2604 Aelius Valerius 00072DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2603 Aelius 00072DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2602 [---]ia 00072DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2601 Aur[elia] PR[---] 00072DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2600 Aur[-elius?-elia?] 00071DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2599 Annius Paternus 00048HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2598 00047HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2597 00046HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2596 00045HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2595 Flavus Flavinus 00044HC Italia
Show 2594 M(arcus) Cocceius Alexander 00070DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2593 Aelia [P]ọsiḍ[onia]( ?) 00070DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2592 Nice 00069DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2591 [---]a 00069DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2590 Aelius Vitalianus 00068DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2589 Aelius Victor 00068DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2588 Aelia Mammuttio 00068DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2587 Aelia Nice 00068DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2586 Aelia? Agathe 00067DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2585 Aelia Ianuaria 00575MI Moesia Inferior
Show 2584 Aelia Ca[---] 00066DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2583 PEIVAIV 00066DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2582 Aelius Veri[nus?] 00065DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2581 Firmus 00064DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2580 -ae 00064DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2579 Aelia? Lamat 00063DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2578 Ael(ius) Thema 00063DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2577 Ael(ius) 00062DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2576 [A?]eli[us] 00061DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2575 Tiberius Claudius Quintilianus 00060DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2573 Diophites 00062BAET Baetica
Show 2572 00061BAET Baetica
Show 2571 00060BAET Baetica
Show 2570 00059BAET Baetica
Show 2569 Latinia Marcus 00058BAET Baetica
Show 2564 Diocles 00057BAET Baetica
Show 2562 Bassus 00056BAET Baetica
Show 2561 Satur 00056BAET Baetica
Show 2560 Ingenuus 00055BAET Baetica
Show 2557 Caius Valerius Anemption 00053BAET Baetica
Show 2550 Caius Octavius Felix 00052BAET Baetica
Show 2548 Rexina 00051BAET Baetica
Show 2547 Publius Fabius Athenodorus 00050BAET Baetica
Show 2545 Paternus 00048BAET Baetica
Show 2543 Marcus Cassius Sempronianus Marcus 00047BAET Baetica
Show 2542 Aelius Epaenetus 00046BAET Baetica
Show 2540 Syntrophillus 00045BAET Baetica
Show 2539 Felix 00044BAET Baetica
Show 2534 [---] [---] [---] 00041BAET Lusitania
Show 2531 Probus Paullianus 00040BAET Baetica
Show 2528 Faustus 00039BAET Baetica
Show 2527 Cursor 00038BAET Baetica
Show 2525 Cerinthus 00037BAET Baetica
Show 2524 Lucius Annius Valens 00036BAET Baetica
Show 2522 Ampliatus 00035BAET Baetica
Show 2520 Amandus 00034BAET Baetica
Show 2519 [---] [---] [---] 00033BAET Baetica
Show 2518 Valerius Fortunatus 00032BAET Baetica
Show 2516 Stelenus 00031BAET Baetica
Show 2515 Titus Servius Clarus 00030BAET Baetica
Show 2512 Pomponius Pamphilus 00029BAET Baetica
Show 2511 Lucius Persius Diallus 00028BAET Baetica
Show 2509 Lucius Lollidius Auctus 00027BAET Baetica
Show 2506 Aulus Etrilius [---] 00026BAET Baetica
Show 2504 Domitius Isquilinus 00025BAET Baetica
Show 2502 Decimus Aemilius Nicephorus 00024BAET Baetica
Show 2500 Publius Publicius Fortunatus 00023BAET Baetica
Show 2499 Historicus 00022BAET Baetica
Show 2495 Marcus Iulius Hermesianus 00021BAET Baetica
Show 2494 Quintus Iulius Rufus Publius 00020BAET Baetica
Show 2492 Bubalicus Manus 00019BAET Lusitania
Show 2491 Auctus 00018BAET Baetica
Show 2489 Faustus 00017BAET Baetica
Show 2486 Gelasinus 00016BAET Baetica
Show 2485 Turpa Thyce 00015BAET Baetica
Show 2484 [---] [---] [---] 00014BAET Baetica
Show 2483 Troilus 00013BAET Baetica
Show 2482 Publius Rutilius Syntrophus 00012BAET Baetica
Show 2480 Titus Rufonius Quintia[nus] 00011BAET Baetica
Show 2478 Theodorus Diogenis 00010BAET Baetica
Show 2477 Lucius Aemilius Hippolytos 00043HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2456 Caius Domitius Pylades 00010LUS Lusitania
Show 2454 Iulius Vitalis 00021BRIT Britannia
Show 2453 Lucius Vidicius Placidus Vidicius 00020BRIT Britannia
Show 2452 Aurelius 00019BRIT Britannia
Show 2451 Quintus 00018BRIT Britannia
Show 2450 Albanus 00017BRIT Britannia
Show 2449 Priscus Toutius 00016BRIT Britannia
Show 2448 Lucius 00015BRIT Britannia
Show 2447 Gamidiahus 00014BRIT Britannia
Show 2446 Amandus 00013BRIT Britannia
Show 2445 00012BRIT Britannia
Show 2444 Primus 00011BRIT Britannia
Show 2443 Sulinus Brucetus Brucetus 00010BRIT Britannia
Show 2441 Clovatia Irena 00009LUS Lusitania
Show 2436 Publius Sertorius Niger 00008LUS Lusitania
Show 2434 Caius Argentarius Heraclidius 00007LUS Lusitania
Show 2432 Cassius Victorinus 00006LUS Lusitania
Show 2429 Maxuminis Caturus 00004LUS Lusitania
Show 2427 Lucius Iulius Apolaustus 00042HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2426 Quintus Licinius Fuscus 00039HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2425 [---] [---] [---] 00037HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2423 Lucius Cassius 00035HC 00041HC Hispania Citerior Hispania Citerior
Show 2422 Cladus Mentonianus 00034HC 00040HC Hispania Citerior Hispania Citerior
Show 2421 Marcus [---] Nicephor 00033HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2420 Marcus Messius Samalo 00032HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2418 Quintus Fabius Demetrius 00031HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2417 La[- - -] Larib[us] Surus 00030HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2415 Lucius Aelius Caerialis 00029HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2414 Marcus Acilius Eros 00028HC 00038HC Hispania Citerior Hispania Citerior
Show 2413 Caius Laetitius Apalus Marcus 00027HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2411 Quintus Ovilius Venustianus 00026HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2407 Tiberius Claudius Onetius 00024HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2406 Tiberius Claudius Appolinaris 00024HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2405 Aemilius Severianus 00023HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2402 Lucius Sempronius Apollonius 00021HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2401 Publius Sicinius Eutychus 00020HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2400 Albanus 00017HC 00019HC 00018HC Hispania Citerior Hispania Citerior Hispania Citerior
Show 2399 -inianus 00059DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2398 Felix 00058DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2397 Publius Aelius Marius 00058DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2394 Quintianus Caecilius Procianus 00016HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2392 Philumenus Rufus 00015HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2391 Helvius 00057DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2390 Cla[udius?] 00057DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2389 Antoninus 00056DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2388 Lucius Antonius Marinus 00056DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2387 Lucius Memmius Probus 00014HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2386 Lucius Antonius Marinianus 00056DP Dacia Porolissensis
Show 2385 Caius Cornelius Philonicus 00068GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2383 Hilarius 00067GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2382 Marcus Paquius Dama Marcus 00066GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2380 Marcus Valerius Paternus 00012HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2378 Lucius Aemilius Quartio 00011HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2377 Quintus Catius Herma Quintus 00065GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2376 Gaius Sevius Lupus 00010HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2374 Manius Egnatius Lugius 00064GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2372 Reburinus 00009HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2370 Ambata Veratius 00007HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2369 Lucius Terentius 00006HC Hispania Citerior
Show 2367 Lucius Cervius Zetus Lucius 00063GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2365 Lucius Oppius Quietus 00062GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2362 Marcus Fonteius Acanthus 00061GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2360 Lucius Cornelius Amandus 00060GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2359 Quintus 00059GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2358 Philon 00058GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2356 Quintus Fuficius Quintus Titus 00057GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2355 Philomusus Caius 00056GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2353 Tiberius Iunius Eudox... 00055GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2352 Titia Epictet 00054GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2350 Lucius Valerius Secundinus 00053GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2349 Caius Terentius Romulus 00052GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2347 Caius Iulius Albus 00051GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2345 Lucius Trebonius Nicephorus Patilllus 00050GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2343 Lucius Avidius Secundus 00049GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2341 Primonis 00048GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2339 Titia Savinis 00046GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2338 Philippus 00045GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2335 Tiberius Claudius Albinus 00044GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2332 Titus Sammius Tertiolus 00043GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2331 Agrecius 00042GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2328 Caius Maximius Paternus Caius 00041GN Gallia Narbonensis
Show 2327 Silvanus Valerius Proculus ? 00040GN Gallia Narbonensis