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Details of person

ID: 3333

Nomen: Λολλία

Cognomen/Personal name: Κάτυλλα

Father/Master: Κόϊντος Λόλλιος

Gender: Female

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Collegium/Association: yes

Type of Association: religious

Deities: Hera and Dionysos Kallon

Details of life/death: sacrificing official for Hera at least two times; benefactor of the association

Inscriptions: 00002T 00003T 00004T 00011T

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Relation Type Related person
PatronaOf 3332 Σέμνος
WifeOf 3379 Γάιος Ιούλιος Ἰταλικος
SisterOf 3406 Διόδωρος
AuntOf 3380 Ῥοῦφος
Sister-in-law 3407 Σταλλια Πρεῖμα