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Details of person Caius

ID: 3073

Praenomen: Caius

Nomen: Ovinius

Cognomen/Personal name: Tertullus

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Dedicated by: yes

Inscriptions: 00278MI 00277MI 00299MI 01006MI 01026MI 01096MI 01097MI 01630MI 00424MI 00423MI 00319MI 01841MI 01868MI 01888MI 02049MI 02050MI 02051MI 02055MI 02060MI 02096MI 02114MI 02115MI 02636MI 02635MI 02634MI 02793MI 00614T

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Ordo senatorius: yes

Provincial Governor: true

Provincial Governor: legatus Augusti pro praetore (198-201 AD)

Consular rank: true

Observations: He made a "gift" to the thiasos dedicated to Cybele.