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Details of inscription 02980MI

Inscription code: 02980MI

Type of inscription: Votive

Language: Greek

Material: Marble

Observations: Statue base of the „Pure Mother” which previously (3rd century BC) was used to record the list of the annual eponymous priests of Dionysos (inscription code no.02986MI).

Province: Moesia Inferior

Place of discovery: Balchik

Place of provenience: Balchik

Ancient name provenience: Dionysopolis

Roman provenience: yes

Greek provenience: yes

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Abbreviation Author and Title Page Comments
Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum
60, 773
Sharankov 2013
Nikolay Sharankov, Inscriptions. In: Lazarenko I. et alii, The Temple of the Pontic Mother of Gods in Dionysopolis, Varna, 2013, 47-64.
p. 50