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Details of inscription 02156PS

Inscription code: 02156PS

Type of inscription: Votive

Language: Latin

Material: Limestone

Province: Pannonia Superior

Place of discovery: Varaždinske Toplice

Place of provenience: Varaždinske Toplice

Ancient name provenience: Aquae Iasae

Roman provenience: yes

Greek provenience: no

Start period: 1/1/51

End period: 31/12/150

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Abbreviation Author and Title Page Comments
Kušan Špalj 2015
D. Kušan Špalj, in: Aquae Iasae. Nova otkrića iz rimskog razdoblja na području Varaždinskih Toplica. Recent discoveries of Roman remains in the region of Varaždinske Toplice, Zagreb 2015.
no. 100