Romans one by one

Details of person

ID: 4056

Nomen: Αὐρήλιος

Cognomen/Personal name: ῾Ηρακλέων

Father/Master: ῾Ηρακλέων

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Collegium/Association: yes

Type of Association: religious (νεομηνιασταὶ Μητρὸς θεῶν Πον[τία]ς̣)

Activities within the Association: θοῖναι

Deities: Μήτηρ θεῶν Ποντία

Inscriptions: 00363MI

External Link: No external link


Relation Type Related person
Unspecified relationshipOf (M) 4059 Αὐρήλιος Θεόδωρος
Unspecified relationshipOf (M) 4088 Αὐρήλιος Διοκλῆς
Unspecified relationshipOf (M) 4110 ῾Ηρακλέων