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Details of person Μᾶρκος

ID: 4046

Praenomen: Μᾶρκος

Nomen: Αὐρήλιος

Cognomen/Personal name: Κουρη<ς>

Father/Master: ῾Εστιαῖος

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Collegium/Association: yes

Type of Association: religious (colonists of Asia Minor)

Position within the Association: ἱερονόμος

Deities: probably Διόνυσος

Dedicated by: yes

Inscriptions: 00360MI 00362MI

External Link:
No external link

Local Magistrate: true

Local Magistrate details: ἄρχων

Observations: He appears to be also ἱερεύς of the Atteis hoi ke Atiaste heiairodouloi Metros theas Pontias. Besides these positions, he is also the first archon of the city in an unpublished ephebic list (Sharankov)