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Details of person Manius

ID: 3121

Praenomen: Manius

Nomen: Laberius

Cognomen/Personal name: Maximus

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Religious position: yes

Divinity priest: yes

Divinity priest details: ἱερεύς

Deities: Διόνυσος Καρποφόρος

Details of life/death: He was declared by the emperor Trajan as „suspectus imperio”.

Dedicated by: yes

Inscriptions: 00303MI 00304MI 01771MI 02087MI

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Ordo senatorius: yes

Provincial Governor: true

Provincial Governor: legatus Augusti pro praetore (100-102 AD)

Consular rank: true

Observations: He was responsible for the Horothesia decree (25th of October 100). He was present in Moesia also during the first Dacian war.