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Details of person

ID: 21666

Cognomen/Personal name: Πολύξενος

Father/Master: Μελεσέων

Local Citizenship: Dionysopolis

Gender: Male

Origo: Mesambria

Details of life/death: The proxeny decree granted to him was due to the fact that he „supported Dionysopolitans in his fatherland, but also [he] spent much time in Dionysopolis itself, equally providing his help for the citizens, and declared he would not change his attitude in the future” (Lazarenko et alii 2013, 60). He was granted the usual honours in such cases. According to Lazarenko et alii 2013, 61-62 this individual is attested also through an inscription at Mesambria, and another one is attested at Dionysopolis.

Dedicated for: yes

Inscriptions: 02988MI 02991MI

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