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Details of person

ID: 2146

Cognomen/Personal name: Διονύσιος

Father/Master: Αἰσχρίων

Local Citizenship: Histria

Gender: Male

Collegium/Association: yes

Type of Association: unknown, but maybe religious

Deities: unknown, but maybe Διόνυσος

Details of life/death: Can he be the same individual as the member of the Gerousia from ISM I 193 (00132MI)? Considering the examples of other Gerousia member who were also members of associations (worshipping Dionysos), it is likely.

Inscriptions: 00149MI

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Observations: This is another list of names, which could record the members of an association. The names listed are mostly of Greek origin, but some of them are of Thracian or Roman origin.