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Details of person Marcus

ID: 14415

Praenomen: Marcus

Nomen: Macrinius

Cognomen/Personal name: Vindex

Gender: Male

Juridical status: yes

Citizen: yes

Domus: colonia Claudia Agrippinensis or colonia Claudia Camulodunum

Inscriptions: 00509DP 00318DP

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Ordo equester: true

Procurator: true

Procurator details: 151-154 AD. Prefectus Praetorio before becoming the procurator of Dacia Porolissensis (Piso 1993, p. 117-122, no. 75).

Praesidial Procurator: true

Observations: Possibly, but highly unlikely to be the father of M. Macrinius Avitus Catonius Vindex according to the latest bibliographic references.