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Details Inscription code Type of inscription Language Material Relevant expressions Stylistic details Observations Province Place of discovery Place of provenience Ancient name provenience Roman provenience Greek provenience Start period End Period External links TM ID Bibliography
Show 00933DS Votive Latin Marble missi incolumes reversi ex voto
This incription is errected for Dis et Numinis Aquarum by Ulpius Secundinus, Marius Valens, Pomponius Haemus, Iulius Carus and Valerius Valens, sent to Rome for Sedatius Severianus’ nomination as consul. In gratitude for returning unharmed to their home in Dacia, they erected, in Băile Herculane, an altar devoted into the gods. The inscription to show the road from Colonia Sarmizegetusa to Rome and from Rome to Băile Herculane.
Dacia Superior Băile Herculane Băile Herculane Unknown yes no 1/1/153 31/12/153