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Marble block which was used for 3 different goals. First, the block was part of an Ionic temple, second it was used as a stele, on which the present inscription was engraved, third, the block was used as construction material. The support provided by the group (105 individuals, out of which 4 women) might have been intended for the reconstruction of the precinct, or of the public monuments. The “second foundation” (deutera ktisis tes poleos) of Istros, which represents one of the four main destructions the city faced, is likely to be the triggering reason for this public subscription. This destruction corresponds to the military incursion of Burebista, sometimes beginning with 55 BC, and the reconstruction probably took place after his death, in a moment of peace and growth (most cities rely on subscription in these periods ), having the magnitude of a national project
Moesia Inferior Istros Istros Histria yes yes 1/1/-1 31/12/1