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Details of inscription 00123DP

Inscription code: 00123DP

Type of inscription: Funerary

Language: Latin

Material: Vulcanic tuff

Observations: Found in 1948 in secondary position and used as repair material for the fort`s wall.

Province: Dacia Porolissensis

Place of discovery: Ilișua

Place of provenience: Ilișua

Ancient name provenience: Arcobara

Roman provenience: yes

Greek provenience: no

Start period: 1/1/201

End period: 31/12/300

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Abbreviation Author and Title Page Comments
Année Épigraphique, Paris
1960, 218. It is only mentioned with no text or photo.
Gaiu, Zagreanu 2011
C. Gaiu, R. Zagreanu, Inscripții și piese sculpturale din castrul roman de la Ilișua, Cluj-Napoca, 2011.
p. 79, no I.3.a.2, p. 124, pl. VI (photo)