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Details of inscription 00004T

Inscription code: 00004T

Type of inscription: Honorific

Language: Greek

Material: Marble

Stylistic details: The relief depicts two crowns of the high-priest and the high-priestess

Observations: Slab of white marble

Province: Thrace

Place of discovery: Küçükçekmece

Place of provenience: Küçükçekmece

Ancient name provenience: Rhegion

Roman provenience: yes

Greek provenience: yes

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Abbreviation Author and Title Page Comments
IK Byzantion
Łajtar, Adam. Die Inschriften von Byzantion. Inschriften griechischer Städte aus Kleinasien, 58. Bonn, 2000.
Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum
18, 284